O - An interactive system for building and manipulating models in electron density maps

License: Copyright 1990 by Alwyn Jones
O is a general purpose macromolecular modelling environment. The
program is aimed at scientists with a need to model, build and display
macromolecules. Unlike other molecular modelling programs, such as
FRODO, O is a graphical display program built on top of a versatile
database system. All molecular data is kept in this database, in a
predefined datastructure. However, any data can be stored in the
database. Data produced by associated, stand-alone programs can very
easily be stored in the database, and used by the program, for example
for colouring of atoms.


O-12.0.0-1.src [4 KiB] Changelog by MATSUURA Takanori (2008-07-03):
- update to 12.0.0

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