Crystal Structure of Multi-Drug Efflux Transporter Subunits, MexA and OprM, of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Hiroyuki AKAMA1, Taiji NAKAE2, Takanori MATSUURA3, and Atsushi NAKAGAWA3

1Tokai University, Institute of Medical Science
2The Kitasato Institute; Institute of Medical Science, Tokai University
3Research Center for Structural and Fuctional Proteomics, Osaka University

Journal of the Crystallographic Society of Japan 47(6), 396-402 (2005)

Emergence of infectious organisms resistant to structurally and functionally dissimilar chemotherapeutic agents is increasingly problematic in human health. This multi-antibiotic resistance is largely caused to the natural or mutational expression of the xenobiotic-antibiotic exporter, which lower the intracellular antibiotic concentration and hence confers the resistance to the bacterium. For better understanding of this important antibiotic transporter, we present the X-ray crystallographic structure of MexA and OprM in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. On the basis of the crystal structure of MexA and OprM together with MexB, which was modeled using AcrB, whole MexAB-OprM transporter complex was proposed. And possible mechanism of the OprM gate was discussed.

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